Friday, June 6, 2008

Get ready for the big tournament!

1st Annual PBRPRPSCLCS Consolation Awards

Best Competition Stance

Winner: Pete the Beat (grooves to the music, hypnotizing the opponent with subliminal rock vibes)

Distant Second: The Captain. (exhibits a variation of a the fight stance of the Cobra Kai dojo in karate kid)

Comments overheard when player is selected to face Loomer.

From Loomers first round opponent: "Shit, I've got to play Loomer? That guys like some sort of RPS savant."

Funniest season match-up.

Week 7, Dirty Franks, Paper Tiger vs. Chinchila. Big Tiger versus little Chinchila, with each exhibiting a miniature prime of about 1 inch, the entire match was summed up by Fist of Iron as "a knock, knock joke".

Best Team name.

Obviously, team David Bowie's Package. Little competition though (of course the PCP is exempt from this competition). However, a distant second does go to "Ernie Vanderbilt College of Games and Wagers LLC" prior to their merger with the PCP.

Best Individual Name

This one is tough, so I'll break it down into some subcategories

Smart name: Grim Trigger (I had to wikipedia it to learn it is a game theory role)

Hilarious name: Rowdy Randy Piper (which may be the merging of two names or homage to roddy piper and a nickname)

Aptly named for his profession: Rock Doctor (geologist)

Potential Location: Dance Rock, Saskatchewan (the comma is my punctuation)

Most enjoyable person to lose to.

Paper Tiger. Also, he wins the award for most chanted/chantable name. Pa-Per Ti-Ger. Pa-Per Ti-Ger.

Least chantable name.

J. Martin Hill. I tried, it just wasn't working. Although I heard the creative "climb the mountain Hill" once from Von Damonator.

Best random YouTube video commemerating a Gizmo win.

Season OVER

Well the 2008 PBRPRPSCLCS is over, with only the final championship tournament left, and the papercuts should be happy with their performance. As a new team on the beat, we did well, finishing third in team ranking. We also had 2 people in the top 10, 4 in the top 20, and 8 overall finishing in the top 64. Not bad.

Congrats to the victorious team, the Majestic 12, which claimed all the season prizes. A dominant performance by Loomer and the rest of the team.

Also, congrats to the DBP, for coming on strong at the end. This team beat us out for second in team rankings, with primarily 3 people, all in the top 10, that primarily went to 2 events a week (due to Lost night).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Papercuts show up in force at Franks, sweep top prizes

The Papercuts showed up in force at D. Franks on Tuesday, and pushed an amazing 7 of 9 players into the second round. This mean every second round match included a papercut member (an event unheard of in modern RPS history?). Unfortunately, the second round was not as kind, with Le Tigre the lone PCPer to advance.

Luckily, his recent string of first round losses was over, and he pounced on the competition to win the tournament. The final match was a nail-biter against the worthiest of opponents, the 2007 PBRPRPSCLCS champion Baconshark, of team David Bowie's Package (not to be confused with the online group, David Bowie's CAC).

In addition to Le Tigre's win in the tournament, Fists of Iron took the street cash prize for the night, bringing his season total up to a respectable $137, only 56 behind the leader Posthumyn.

Other notable events at Franks was the first offical win for Sac Agnole and another first round win for Chinchilla, two players who are starting to gain some traction. Sister brother was back in the competition, and has won the team award for intensity so far this season. Also, the Droog and Batholith Bandit made impressive come-from-behind wins to get to the second round.

Mid-season standings for the paper cuts

This week represents the start of the second half of the season, and there are a lot of paper cuts doing well. Here is the synopsis:

Le Tigre

6th place
30 points
$10 street

J. Martin Hill
9th place
23 points
$0 street


10th place
22 points
$0 street

Uncle Mikey
24th place
11 points
$0 street

Fist of Iron
25th place
11 points
$68 street

Harper Lee
35th place
8 points
$0 street

44th place
6 points
$0 street

60th place
3 points
$0 street

The Droog
2 points
$0 street

Scissor brother
2 points
$0 street

Sac Agnole
1 point
$0 street

Batholith Bandit
1 point
$0 street

Tom Bland
1 point
$0 street

The Italian Hammer
1 point
$0 street

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Repeat at Franks

Quote from Gizmo following her hard fought wins over the Paper Tiger, R. Randy Piper, Hulk Hoagie, the Zombi Llamma, and "the Coach" Von Damonator, "I just win. I can't divulge any strategy other than that." Win she did at D. Franks for the second time in as many weeks. Another dominate performance from the mogwai, against some excellent competition.

The Paper Cuts came out in force again, although they failed to do much of anything on the street cash scene and only the fist of iron could muster much more than a first round win. FoI won two rounds, a good primer for future endeavors, as his first undefeated evening continues to elude him. Le Tigre predicts it will come next week.

New team members Scissor Brother and the Droog both passed the first round but fell to experienced, veteran players. We hope they will continue building on this strong opening performance.

Le Tigre had yet another disappointing outing, but believes all the losing is behind him. He is hopeful that crossing state lines with a deadly weapon (a rock) will be just what he needs to break out of his slump. Luckily, there is a tournament taking place this weekend across the Delaware in New Jersey at a Camden Rivershaks game.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This Mogwai can play

Wow, can Gizmo throw some RPS. She cleaned up on Tuesday night in the 2008-PBRPRPSCLCS event at D. Franks. So far here competitive record stands at 4-1. When asked to reveal her in-game strategies, she politely declined, but murmered under her breath something about Nick Cage, a prison on the bay, and there being only one person that could show her how to beat the rock, but he was a washed up spy, forgotten by the british MI6 sometime after the fall of soviet Russia But would he help...

She elaborated further, saying that "my main strategy is to win a lot." We all hope to see more victories by this PCP star in the future.